Episode 023: The Price We Pay

There is a price to be paid for everything in life. We need to understand what price we’re paying first and foremost or else the other costs we have to pay don’t make sense.

THE NUMBER ONE price for success OR failure is your life.

Everyday you’re using time you’ll never get back. Your time is the most precious thing you’ll ever have because you don’t get it back. You’re investing and trading time for the experience you’re currently in and a lot of people go through life not taking into consideration that time is going by relatively quickly.Time seems to speed up and we all know what the end outcome is, there’s no big mystery to what’s waiting for us. But it’s what we’re doing in between that makes all the difference.

So what are you trading your life for?

In this episode I’ll discuss:

  • What books to keep with you to open up your resourcefulness
  • What role you’re playing in your life
  • How to change your limiting beliefs
  • The defining factor of success

Thanks for Listening!