Episode 025: Coupons, Bargains & Perpetual Poverty

This is a topic that’s probably going to trigger a lot of people (you’ve been warned!) but I get a lot of questions from listeners and those that attend my events about coupons, deals and bargains and how that affects our ability to live abundantly. To be honest, I kind of avoid it in seminars but what I do tell people all the time is that if you’re trying to step into abundance and a wealth mindset, you have to stop using coupons, bargaining and waiting for sales.

Why do you need to do this? Well, it ’s not so much that I don’t like coupons it’s more about how you’re making a decision. Using coupons, looking for bargains and sales only reinforce the lack mindset most of us were raised in. So each time you deny what you want because it’s not on sale, what you’re doing is further programming that 1. You’re not worth it and 2. There isn’t enough.

So let’s bring some logic to this topic so you can come from a conscious place when making a decision.

In this episode I’ll discuss:

  • What coupons are designed to do
  • The mindset around using coupons
  • Where your buying decisions should come from
  • How to focus on abundance to bring wealth into your life


4 thoughts on “Episode 025: Coupons, Bargains & Perpetual Poverty”

  1. You have confirmed something I have always believed.My sister thrives on telling me how little she pays for things and how much money her coupons save her. And-she is always broke and in debt. If I find a sale at the time I am buying something it is a plus but not my reason for buying. That was very informative and made perfect sense to me. Thank you for confirming my thoughts on the subject.

    1. This is such a difficult lesson for people to embrace Diane. Every time you wait on buying something you really want, or drive across town to save five cents a gallon on gas, you are sending the message to the Universe that you are not worth it. It’s nuts. I’m glad you understand this because it will show up in your bank account. Always does. I appreciate you listening.

  2. Hi David. There’s so many coaching programs available and your programs seem so amazing!! I have been earning a living at something I hate for 10 years now working for myself cleaning residential homes. This causes me to feel and think that I hate myself because I want so much not to do this anymore. I don’t have contracts so when people cancel I can’t make up the money lost… I want so much to have a life of abundance but live with a lot of fear, and poverty thinking…. I am continually working on being optimistic, spiritual and motivated to take courses to move me forward, but the weight of my finances burden me…. any inspirational guidance would be greatly appreciated… Thank you.

    1. Hi Carmen, thank you for listening to The Successful Mind Podcast and for being honest about your situation. Being bound by safety and security is not uncommon, so you are not alone in your thinking. The fact that you hate what you do and are willing to tolerate that for the past 10 years tells you everything you need to know about yourself. You are more comfortable being miserable than you are in choosing to walk away. Honestly, it’s not that much different from what I experienced so many years ago when I was working on the dock. The difference was, I chose to walk away and create a new experience for myself. You need to become aware that your next step won’t be shown until you make the decision to step away from what you said you hate doing, it NEVER comes before. Now, if/when you choose to create a new experience for yourself and go in a different direction, you must be committed and unwavering in your decision. Napoleon Hill referred to this as “burning the ships” in his book Think and Grow Rich, and this creates the sense of urgency you need to break through the worry, fear, and doubt that will try to hold you back. Optimism will only get you so far. Action takes you farther. Hope that helps.

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