Episode 044: Making A Transformation – Part III

In the final episode of my Making a Transformation series, I want to discuss the objectives, strategies and tactics that go into what it will take to make this year your best ever.

Now that you have set your desired goal or outcome, the best strategy you have is a crystalized vision. For this, you are going to use your intellectual mind and engage your ability to imagine and create anything and everything you desire in your life. Through active engagement of your imagination, you begin to see the end result before its even happened.

Adding specific details to your vision moves it along further and faster, allowing you to hold something in front of you. This usually involves writing it out on paper, aligning your environment by removing anything that does not support the vision, or taking a close look at your beliefs to ensure they are in alignment.

It is this vision that drives your decisions, and the action that’s behind them that propels you forward. Anything that is not part of that has to go.

When your actions are in integrity, you will become a powerful manifester. That is your true essence – your soul’s’ purpose.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The power of a clear vision and how it drives your decisions
  • The various stages of creation and how gratitude plays a role in creating your reality
  • Three must-use strategies to sustain your success moving forward in the year ahead

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