Episode 078: Seven Years of Study

Today is all about my personal journey around study and how it took many years to get to a place where my results showed up in a big way.

For those who have followed me for years, this may come as a shock.  My results weren’t overnight. In fact, it was seven years in the making.  The study wasn’t initially about business either, it was about figuring out who I was as a person.  Trying to fix things that I had been taught as a child and change the way I thought about the world so I could be, do, and have more.

My study practices came pre-internet, where immediate access to professional development materials was not even close to being the thing it is today.  We’re talking old school here! For me to study I had to hit the library or the bookstore to scour the shelves and get what I was looking for.

Study requires training, just like visiting the gym, and if you have to force yourself to do the work you’re probably in the wrong place. Sometimes this work will be hard, there is no doubt about that.  It’s in that when shifting your attitude can make or break your future results. It worked for me, and I believe it can for you as well.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How early years of study helped reframe my past and prepare me for my future  
  • What it means to study and how being cautious about who you share that with can make or break your mindset
  • That changing the way you think and shifting your attitude around the things you don’t like to do can help you perform better