Episode 098: What Happens When You Don’t Hit A Goal

Goals. Everyone has them. Have you ever stopped to wonder what purpose they serve?  We grow based on the idea that we stretch ourselves with a desired outcome in mind. That target is what we strive for and we build the image in our mind to see it through. What history teaches us is that anything we want to accomplish is possible. If we pause and look around at the amazing things that have taken place we can start to see that we have those inside of us, and for most they are lying dormant.

Here’s the thing, you have control of your thinking, so making the decision to choose something different eliminates mental and emotional laziness that inevitably stops you.  When you drop those obstacles and proceed with purpose, you set yourself on a path to achieving your goals.

So why do we rush to get there?

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The main reason we set goals and what it can mean when you fall short 
  •  How a fractured focus perpetuates you missing the target 
  • Self-accountability and a solid framework are imperative to achieving what you desire

Links & Resources

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