Episode 104: Get Out of the Weeds

What causes us to become stuck?  More often than not it involves a problem.  When dealing with these problems, there are two types of people; those who just want to fix it and move on and those who panic, freeze, and head deeper into the weeds. 

In order to understand how a person handles problems, we have to look more deeply into how we walk through life as a whole and the stories we create and live by.  People assign meaning to everything, and more often than not these stories we tell threaten our sense of self. No doubt we need meaning in life, that’s the human condition.  Our ability to observe, think, and assign meaning is what creates our belief system and those stories we create came from when we were younger. 

The issue is that we tend to be more reactionary to the world instead of being proactive.  This inability to pause and wait when a problem arises forms the core of why you are stuck.      

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  •  A deeper understanding around problems and how we handle them 
  • The one pattern that when recognized will set you free 
  • What it means to be ‘addicted’ to meaning and how the foundation of your stories comes from a place of safety