Episode 114: Being Afraid of the Unknown

In this episode I want to talk about the unknown and all or nothing thinking.  The subconscious mind is designed to keep you safe. Here’s the thing, there is a reality to the subconscious mind playing devil’s advocate and not knowing what’s to come can be a scary endeavor. Yet nothing is guaranteed and we have to embrace some of this in order to carry on.  In short, the fear will never go away since there is a purpose to it. 

Over time, we’ve developed an understanding or agreement to be as safe as possible based on rules our subconscious has taken on. These thoughts came from when you were a child.  Some of them are warranted, while others most certainly are not. These “what if” scenarios and being aware of how they are ruling your life could be the key to unlocking your true potential.

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • What you need to understand to get over your fears in order to become successful 
    • The importance avoiding mythological thinking and what you can do to change it 
    • That fear is a learned behavior and how the Law of Cause & Effect can help you learn to flex your courage muscle