Episode 117: Movers & Shakers – Tonya Dalton – inkWell Press Productivity

I’m so excited to share another episode in my Movers & Shakers series, where I feature amazing people who are making a huge impact in not only their lives but the lives of others.

This week I sit down with Tonya Dalton, productivity expert, writer, speaker and founder of inkWELL Press Productivity Co, a company centered around productivity tools and training.

Tonya’s messages about business management, productivity, and the pursuit of passion have impacted thousands and inspired her to launch her own podcast, Productivity Paradox which has surpassed more than a million downloads. Her podcast regularly ranks in the top 50 of all business management podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

She will be releasing her first book, The Joy of Missing Out, October 1st.

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • Tonya’s incredible journey into productivity mastery and how the vision to run her own business allowed her husband to quit his job and work side by side in the company 
    • How effective productivity can help you achieve the life you want without the backbreaking effort 
    • The power of systems and how customizing them to meet your needs is essential to your company’s growth

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