Episode 125: Who the F*** Are You?

When I started my business, I was very green and knew next to nothing about how to build this thing into a real company.  It took time, but through effort and consistency I was able to pull it off and proved to myself that it didn’t have to be hard.  That holds true today even decades later. 

My journey, like most, has been based on trying new things and seeing what works, what doesn’t, and what’s in line with the bigger vision. Along the way I learned a valuable lesson – being solution focused. Everything I tried either worked or it didn’t, it’s as simple as that.  With every win and every loss there was always an opportunity to learn something new. That is the secret sauce that I have leaned heavily on and allows me to grow year in and year out. And you can too.

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • The various obstacles I faced when starting out in business and how each one taught me a lesson I could take moving forward 
    • The people I emulated who had the influence I wanted to grow my company 
    • The #1 secret I learned early on that changed everything