Episode 130: Knowing Yourself When Setting Goals in Business

Today we talk goals. In this era, one thing that has become evident is that people are setting goals based on the amount of money they want to make.  Seems to make perfect since, however more often than not this number is based on emotion and not on the facts of the situation.

Much of this conversation is around what is called the “winners’ image”, a healthy self-esteem that is necessary to growing and sustaining a healthy business.  If you are going to succeed you have to change what you are tolerating in life, increasing the standard of who you are and how you live. How do we do this? It begins with knowing who you are, knowing where you are, and realize that you are worthy of everything you want in this life.   

In this episode you’ll learn: 

    • Two internal problems that keep you unsatisfied 
    • The importance of thinking when using the seven basic universal laws and how truth plays a factor in your decision making 
    • How self-esteem and knowing who you are internally is a good indicator of how your business will grow 

Links & Resources

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