Episode 132: Entering Into the Spirt of It: Part II

In part two of this study of Thomas Troward’s work Entering Into The Spirit Of It, I talk more about the power of imagination and how it adds to life.  As you know, the Universe is always working toward more life. Look no further than nature to provide an example.  In nature, there is a weeding out of the weak to make itself stronger, but even those who don’t make it provide for those who do. 

As we step into the spirit of something, life begins to change immediately.  This awareness brings us closer to our purpose and provides the framework for all that life can be.  It’s your destiny.

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • The power of our mysterious brain and how a directed imagination allows you to create whatever you want 
    •  What you can learn about yourself from shipbuilding and how ideas that oftentimes seem ridiculous actually work better when applied to a situation 
    • How embracing the spirit of things is permanent and something you cannot become unaware of ever again

Links & Resources

The Dore Lectures on Mental Science