Episode 134: Is Your Purpose a Puzzle?

What does it take to identify your purpose?  It seems so easy, yet completely misunderstood.   Consider what it’s like to put together a puzzle. As you sit and look at those pieces you may ponder why we are the only species that is capable of such a thing. Putting that puzzle together requires consciousness and choice, something that only our species has the ability to carry out.  What does this have to do with your purpose?

Your imagination is fueled by the desire that resides within you, that same imagination that is pictured on the box of your puzzle.  Whatever image you create you have the choice to fulfill it into existence. You are the architect that can create anything you want, either consciously or unconsciously. You’re doing it right now, whether through abundance or poverty, fear or expansion.      

The truth is your purpose is waiting for one thing and one thing only.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The biggest unknown you are contending with when it comes to your purpose 
  • Ways you consciously or unconsciously create everything in your life 
  • A better understanding of divine purpose and how you are here to fulfill it