Episode 144: David From The Stage: Break It Down To The Ridiculous

I quit high school at seventeen, had no skills, a poor work record, basically living life a total victim. I had recently started a family, and to make ends meet I was driving a forklift and working six and a half days a week. As hard as I tried I couldn’t break the $20,000 a year to keep up with all the bills and other financial commitments that were burying me. It was a time of constant craziness. Every day I took the same approach to figure out a way to double my income so that everything would change.

For me, I had to hit rock bottom before I could claw myself back up.  What did that look like? Sitting in a work trailer, on a cold Chicago night, breaking down in sobs asking the question “How the hell do I turn this around?”

The answer that came next changed my life forever…