Episode 157: Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Results – Part II

Today in part two of this series, I want to dissect the idea of belief and add a little faith to complete the picture. 

There are at least four Greek words for faith, and the one that’s most commonly used is pisteuo, which root is derived from pistis meaning persuasion. Now that the entomology has been established, consider how you use the word faith in your life. If you’re like most, you may say, “I have faith that something’s going to happen“, or “I have faith that I could cross the street safely.” Other people use faith in more of a religious nature. Faith in religion or faith in God.  The point is we all use the word faith in different ways, and if we’re going to understand this word it’s important to understand the meaning that we have and how it relates to our own belief system. 

Today we are studying from The Science of Getting Rich, specifically the chapter entitled Acting In The Certain Way. This is the next step to explore when changing your current beliefs to achieve a better result. 

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