Episode 169: How I Can vs. Why I Can’t

When you’re on a growth trajectory, making changes and shifts in your life, it is inevitable that a voice inside your head will suggest to you that what you are experiencing is just luck. In order to overcome that when the time comes, you’ll have to understand what is true versus the reality that you’re experiencing. This is how you shift to how I can and away from why I can’t.

For this episode, I want to focus on your plans for the year ahead, and even beyond that, the next decade. Coming to the realization that the role you play in this story is the power you have when creating the results you desire. To reinforce this, I want to share a personal experience I had a number of years ago where my mentor urged me to explore this power when trying to get home in the dead of winter. Trust me, after listening to this you’ll believe that you too can control the weather.

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