Episode 180: David From The Stage: Coming Home To Your Authentic Self – Part II

Many of us have been taught that desires are not a good thing. Perhaps it was a parent, relative, teacher or friend who told you this long ago.  Either way, it’s important to understand exactly what true desire and how impactful following it can be in our life.  

As you may know, desire is the expression of the higher side of yourself moving with and through us. This is your compass providing you with direction in life. You need to look no further than the animal kingdom to see how higher level thinking can often times cause the most problems.

When was the last time you questioned yourself?  If you’re being honest the answer to that is likely a few minutes ago. This is a major piece that separates us from nature.  You see nature doesn’t question itself, it merely does what it needs in order to sustain life. Humans on the other hand question everything.  Rather than rely on animalistic instinct we at times overthink the process and get caught in a perpetual loop of stuckness. 

In the final episode in this two part series I dive deeper into the human mind and how by taking a closer look at our shadow side can actually lead to a healthy sense of self expression and closer to the true authenticity you intently desire.

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