Episode 181: Healthy Dis-Satisfaction

How is it that a person overcomes the conflict in their mind around wanting too much? How do we stay grateful, while also maintaining a healthy dissatisfaction so that we can continue to challenge ourselves and move forward? The idea starts here.

If we look at life and look for patterns of success, one of the things that we see is that success is always moving forward. What’s interesting about that simple concept is that so many people are raised under the idea of never wanting too much. In fact, we’re more often than not discouraged from asking for too much, wanting for too much, or being too much.  This causes a major conflict in the mind and poses the inevitable question: Is it okay to want what I want? 

I was taught something many years ago that cleared this up for me, and it’s really important to share it with you because it allowed me to understand that it is perfectly okay to stand out and desire more that your current situation has to offer.  You want to know what it is? Listen close…

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