Episode 183: You Have a Right To Be Rich…So Why Aren’t You?

Here’s the deal, you absolutely have a right to be rich.  The more important question to ask is this, why aren’t you?  Well, I’ve got some thoughts.

The first one may be pure ignorance, the idea that you don’t know there is wealth for you in the world.  Second, you do know there is wealth in the world but don’t necessarily believe it’s for you or that you can do what’s necessary to acquire it. Finally, you just don’t want it. You’re actually too lazy to discipline yourself to do the things that are necessary to become wealthy.  Hard to hear right?

I have to tell you, from a doing standpoint, achieving wealth is not difficult at all, and if this sentence triggered you then you know I’m right.  Today I want to focus on the idea that you have a right to be rich, which is something I too struggled with when I was first starting out in business.  There was a major realization that occurred to me along the journey, and when I finally understood what was holding me back it was like turning on a faucet.   A faucet full of cash.


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