Episode 206: Mindset Mastery Series Part II – The Levels of Awareness

In this second part of my Mindset Mastery Series I dive deeper into the levels of awareness and how to use them to gain mastery over anything in your life.  When a person is able to understand these seven levels (animalistic/survival, mass consciousness, aspiration, self-awareness, discipline, experience, and mastery) and how the overall hierarchy works, the beliefs that you have no longer hold you back and you begin to chart your own course on the journey of life. 

Ask yourself, Am I living the way that I really want to be living in my life?  Allow your mind to get quiet and give yourself permission to hear the answer.  It may require you to not give into the fear that is likely to come up and denying what could be perceived as a disruption in your life moving forward.   If you want to ascend these levels and no longer deny your gifts, expanding awareness and persistence is the key. Denying your gifts is a dangerous proposition and will keep you exactly where you are.

Links & Resources

The True Believer by Eric Hoffer