Episode 215: God Doesn’t Want You To Be Poor

God doesn’t want you to be poor, and that is the truth.  To help convey this I’m going into Chapter 5 from The Science of Getting Rich, which is aptly titled Increasing Life. What I find most interesting about this lesson, and why I teach from it often, is the idea that there is no God or a deity that wants you to be poor. 

I was raised in a way where controversial and contradictory messages were the norm, stemming from a variety of ideologies that touted the virtue of poverty.  I didn’t buy into them then and I certainly don’t buy into them now. When you prescribe to the idea of having less you are denying your internal desire to be, do, and have more, essentially stunting your growth as well as your ability to express.  To deny yourself in that way won’t make you more spiritual and goes against the fundamental laws of the Universe.

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