Episode 219: Growth Shaming: A Lesson In Ethics

I’ve noticed a trend recently during this current situation and it’s bordering on alarming. I think everyone will agree that business owners  are being required to innovate in how business is conducted, oftentimes adjusting day to day, unsure when life will resume back to normal. As part of this innovation, I’ve seen many small business owners have to go on the defensive, being completely shamed for trying to figure out a way to be resourceful and make money in this difficult time.

We are suffering from a myriad of crises in our traditional life, one of which is the financial climate. In order to stay in business, many of us in the industry have to continue to sell our services in order to remain a player in the game.  The problem is people are being shamed for doing exactly that. They are working to be part of the solution and are being held to the fire for not giving everything away when people are struggling. In my opinion, this is not just wrong but blatantly goes against what it means to be in business.

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