Episode 223: Shifting Anger to Gratitude

It is clear that fear and anger are heightened during this crisis, which is to be expected since we are unaware of when life will return to some level of normalcy.  What’s important to remind yourself during difficult times is that it’s perfectly fine to express your emotions, as long as you are doing so in a productive and healthy manner.  You’ll know when you’re doing it effectively when you’re tempering your anger and are able to shift your mindset to create a new and more gratifying experience.

We are being bombarded by new reports everyday that tend to skew toward the negative side of the situation.  Being able to practice gratitude and directing it in a productive way should be your goal. In this episode David reads a short excerpt from The Science of Getting Rich and provides some thought strategies to stay away from repeated feelings of anger and how gratitude is your key to living a more fulfilled life.  It’s time to surrender, and that is a good thing. 

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