Episode 225: How To Stay Positive

Thinking positive will only take you so far, being and acting positive will take you so much farther.  What’s interesting about this statement is that you can’t have a conversation about being positive without talking about the importance of setting goals.

I know what you’re thinking, how does goal setting have anything to do with a positive mindset?  Simply put, without a goal you are a rudderless ship, drifting aimlessly through life, leading to a more reactionary life than a proactive one.  No one tells you this from the beginning, or provides you with a road map on exactly what to do to achieve all your hopes and dreams. That is why it’s imperative to go through some sort of goal setting process to keep you moving in the right direction. Allow me to take you through a process that takes your lofty plans and turns it into what you truly want.  

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