Episode 229: Navigating Uncertainty – Part V

In part five of Navigating Uncertainty, David takes listener questions specifically designed to help you adjust to this new normal and reconnect to what you want for your life and your business.   He shares strategies to become immune to outside judgements when achieving success as well as how to effectively open up the sales conversation that leads to the desired outcome.  Sales moves every business, and if you are struggling in that area you have to ask yourself if you are in fight, flight, or freeze. You don’t want to miss this! |

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New to the program? Go to https://go.davidneagle.com/navigate-uncertainty to catch up on this free 8-week virtual support program. To pay it forward, if you know someone who could benefit from participating in this group please pass it along! We’re all in this together.

The Successful Mind Podcast on YouTube – Episode 229:  Navigating Uncertainty Part V

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