Episode 237: All You Need is Love, Security & Self Esteem

In 1954,Dr. Joseph Schindler wrote a book titled How to LIve 365 Days a Year. In that book he introduced the concept of having three human needs:  love, security and self-esteem. I first came across this work in reading another book by Maxwell Maltz called Pyscho-Cybernetics.   In it, Maltz added to Schindler’s work and introduced an additional three human needs:  expression, new experiences and the creative idea.   As I began to look more closely at those six human needs, I thought to myself, “What’s interesting is that the first three are really the needs, while the second three are the healthy expression of the first three.” 

In this episode I want to focus on love, security and self-esteem and that when you can get to the place where you completely love yourself without judgment,  you can change the things that are necessary in order to become the person you were truly meant to be.