Episode 242: Navigating Uncertainty – Part VIII

In this eighth and final part of Navigating Uncertainty, David talks about the importance of cultivating a winning mindset and putting in the extra work to push you to the top.

There is an underlying belief that if you get to a certain point in your success everything will be gravy.  The truth is, for those who want to separate themselves and become elite in their business, that point is a moving target and safety is an illusion. To better understand this, David takes us through the seven levels of awareness and how when applied specifically to your situation you realize the one constant is personal choice.

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Miss anything? Go to https://go.davidneagle.com/navigate-uncertainty to get this 8-week virtual support program in its entirety and join the community of individuals committed to navigating this unprecedented time in our history.  You’ll be glad you did!

The Successful Mind Podcast on YouTube – Episode 242:  Navigating Uncertainty Part VIII