Episode 251: Why Can’t I Find My Purpose?

‘The deepest form of despair is to choose to be another than himself.” ~Søren Kierkegaard

When you’re growing up, the outside world forms much of how you perceive yourself and the general way to choose to live your life.  These influences carry over into adulthood whether you care to admit it or not.  With regards to your purpose, if you’re having a hard time finding where you belong and what your path should be on, you’re not alone.  Many people struggle with this, and if you’re one of them chances are you’re looking in the wrong place. 

The key to finding your purpose is realizing that it’s not something to be found.  In fact, it’s already here.  When you step into your own authenticity, something magical happens.  The real journey is not in finding your purpose, but understanding and accepting who you really are.  Let me show you what this looks like. 

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