Episode 275: Movers & Shakers – Freddie Kimmel

I’m very excited to share another episode in my Movers & Shakers series, where I feature amazing people who are making a huge impact in not only their lives but the lives of others.

This week I sit down with Freddie Kimmel, host and creator of the Beautifully Broken Podcast. For Freddie, one of his greatest blessings has been surviving cancer and gaining the awareness of what truly matters in life – the knowledge that he can do ANYTHING.  He’s here to share his gifts and show you that you too can do anything.

On this episode, you’ll learn more about how to:

— Honor your body’s temple as a pyramid

— Create a new human experience operating guide

— Creating core beliefs, values, and intention

— Create a level of energy and engagement

— Optimize the environment that you thrive in

Links & Resources

The Successful Mind Podcast on YouTube – Episode 275:  Movers & Shakers w/ Freddie Kimmel

Beautifully Broken Podcast



Instagram – @FreddieSetGo