Successful Mind Podcast- The Effect of Thought on Circumstances -How people complain about success

Episode 283: The Effect of Thought on Circumstances – How People Complain About Success

Welcome to The Successful Mind Podcast. Today, I’ll be covering with you the topic of The Effect of Thought on Circumstances -How People Complain About Success.

On this episode, we’ll explore why people say that they want some measure of success in life, and then they complain about what they have to do to get it.  As a guide, we’ll use teachings from James Allen’s book As A Man Thinketh, which I believe is the greatest book on personal responsibility ever written.

On today’s episode, you’ll:

— Understand the effect of thought on your circumstances

— Discover what happens if you take responsibility versus if you don’t

— Realize there doesn’t have to be a struggle

— Learn a lesson that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE, no matter where you are in your progress

— And so much more …

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