The Successful Mind Podcast - Movers & Shakers - Joshua Esnard - The Cut Buddy

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 358 – Movers & Shakers – Joshua Esnard – The Cut Buddy

Joshua Esnard is the “accidental” inventor of The Cut Buddy, a device that helps you avoid making errors while cutting your own (or someone else’s) hair. The Cut Buddy has been featured on the popular show, Shark Tank, and over 80,000 people have used it to cut hair.

In today’s episode, Joshua shares a bit on his story. Originally from St. Lucia (a small developing country), he invented his product at the age of 13 while living in Ithaca, New York. For many years, his dad cut his hair using the only style he knew—the buzz cut. Joshua wanted to look cool, so he started cutting his own hair. But he inadvertently gave himself bald spots. “I looked like a cheetah,” he says.

He began playing with the idea of inventing something that would help him cut hair without making errors. Fast forward fifteen years later…his girlfriend pointed out, “You never finish what you start”—and this casual comment set in motion Joshua’s determination to bring The Cut Buddy to life. He met with a lawyer, filed a patent, and went through many challenges and obstacles to bring his product to the marketplace. (Side note: he ended up being mentored by Daymond  John from Shark Tank!)

Joshua’s mission is to “make haircuts easy” and to help people gain confidence in their appearance and their ability to cut hair well. His product is especially useful for those with disabilities, mental health issues, and dexterity issues.

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