David From The Stage: The Roles We Chose - Part I

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 363 – David From The Stage: The Roles We Chose – Part I

In today’s episode I’m teaching on the “roles” we took on as kids in our family dynamic, and how they affect our adult life today.

From the moment we’re born, we learn that we need other people in order to survive and be secure. It all starts with the connection between us and Mom. We’re physically connected to our mother before we’re born. Once we’re born, that connection is cut (via the umbilical cord). After we’re disconnected from our mother physically, we start trying to connect emotionally through sounds, gestures, and crying.

Most people go through their entire life trying to regain that metaphorical connection or keep it alive to some degree…and that’s what causes us to take on “roles.” 

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • How to identify the role(s) you took on as a child that you might still be carrying out today
    • Why your role keeps you safe and connected to your parents (even though you’re not a child anymore)
    • How you created “rules” in your life in order to reinforce the role you’re playing
    • The purpose of your spiritual side—and why the internal desire to be, do, or have more actually threatens the internal role
    • Why accepting personal responsibility is the key to breaking free from your role


There are hundreds of roles we can play throughout our life. Ultimately, the role was designed to protect us from something. Unless we become conscious of our role, we’ll most likely carry it throughout our adult life. Once we become aware of it, we can begin to change it, and step into our authentic self. Then we can start to express ourselves more fully in life.


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