The Clubhouse Sessions - Reprogram Your Middle Class Mindset

The Succcessful Mind Podcast – Episode 371 – The Clubhouse Sessions: Reprogram Your Middle Class Mindset

Welcome to The Clubhouse Sessions!  On today’s episode I’m once again joined by my CEO Steph Tuss to provide you with tips and tricks to Reprogram Your Middle Class Mindset. 

Do you ever feel like your mindset is holding you back from creating the wealth you want?

Most of us were programmed to be “middle-class” in everything we think, say, and do. This programming governs our entire life, unless we choose to break out of it.

When you’re programmed in this way, everything you see is literally filtered with a middle-class perspective…

— “Can’t get ahead…”

— “Gotta work long hours…”

— “That’s too expensive…”

— “I could never afford that…”

— “Life will always be a struggle…”

— “Why me?…”

These are some of the ideas that come out of being programmed with a middle-class mindset.

Looking at the world in this way sabotages your ability to create wealth. And guess what? If you stay stuck in that mode of thinking, you’ll never create the level of wealth you want.

That’s just facts.

To change your wealth, you must first change your mindset to be able to accommodate “bigger thinking.”

In this episode you’ll gain new awareness to break out of the mindset that holds you back:


    • Identify 3 sneaky middle-class beliefs that sabotage even the best success strategies;
    • 1 key mindset technique that will instantly flip you from a middle-class mindset to a wealth mindset;
    • Plus, you’ll hear questions being answered that will undoubtedly help you uncover any hidden beliefs that are wreaking havoc on your current results.


Grab a notebook and pen… and get ready for some huge “aha’s” to break you out of the mindset that’s blocking your wealth.


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