The Successful Mind Podcast - Movers & Shakers - Richfresh

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 399 – Movers & Shakers – Richfresh

Today I have an incredible guest named Richfresh (a.k.a. “Fresh”), who is a celebrity tailor, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. His fashion line, Richfresh, has been seen on the likes of Justin Bieber, Dwayne Wade, and Diddy. He’s also the CEO and co-founder of Henry Mask.

The road to success was not an easy one for Fresh. Previously being an alcoholic, having no money, and having to care for his young daughter alone, he ended up living in a homeless shelter. After being taken for $15,000 by a client, he says he heard the “voice of God” speaking to him—and from there, everything changed. 

In this episode, we discuss:


    • Fresh’s childhood, background story, and how he transformed from being “super nerdy, quiet, and insecure” to being “cool” and “the best-dressed kid at high school”
    • Why he turned down scholarships to pursue fashion (even though his parents didn’t approve)
    • How he started a business, made almost $20,000 in a weekend—yet still had bad habits (coke, drugs, alcohol, etc.) and was broke and stressed about not being able to pay the bills
    • His “spirituality moment” that changed everything—“I heard the voice of God laughing at me, mocking me, and chastising me for going to a man more than I come to God,” he says
    • How Fresh was given a vision of himself being rich, famous, and successful—even while he was sleeping on the floor at the shelter
    • His journey going from “not having a good reputation in business”—to branding himself as a celebrity tailor and being in high demand
    • The power of words, manifestation, and making things happen with your energy 


“You can have all the advantages in the world,” Fresh says. “But if you lack the desire to do something with it, you won’t get any outcome.” 

Plus, he shares how he began asking God for what he wanted—bigger and bigger amounts of money—and the money showed up…but only AFTER he sacrificed the things that were holding him back.

Fresh’s story illustrates the law of sacrifice—which says in order to receive something of a higher nature, you must first let go of something of a lower nature.


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