The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 402 - We Hear With Our Ears But Listen With Our Emotions

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 402 – We Hear With Our Ears But Listen With Our Emotions

In Proverbs 4:20, Christ said, “My son, attend to my words; incline thine ears unto my sayings.” 

He was basically saying we need to come up to his level of understanding. He’s not coming down to our level. We need to raise our awareness and consciousness, so that we come up to a higher level.

We “hear” with our ears, but we listen with our emotions. This means we listen based on our current level of understanding. 

Think about a mentor you’re working with who’s at a higher level than you—they understand something you don’t understand. So you have to come up to their level. It doesn’t help you for them to come down to your level.

In this episode you’ll learn:


    • How to raise your awareness, as Christ talked about
    • Why you need to start “listening” differently to what’s happening in your life, because there is gold in what life is trying to tell you (beyond the surface-level experience)
    • How visualizing what you want keeps your mind in order
    • Why you must raise your desire to a higher level—until it becomes a magnificent obsession 
    • We must hold the picture of what we want in our mind, and keep it free and clear of the cobwebs of doubt, worry, and fear 
    • If something takes you off course of what your purpose is, it’s not for you—it’s just a distraction
    • There will always be distractions and reasons NOT to do something, tempting you to change what you’re visualizing in your mind


Plus, I share the story of how I went from working on a forklift to tripling my income—just by changing my attitude and becoming aware of the opportunity that was already right in front of me.


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