The Successful Mind Podcast - Full Throttle Thursday - William Shatner & The Final Frontier

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 423 – Full Throttle Thursday – Beam Me Up Bezos! William Shatner & The Final Frontier

Captain Kirk just went to space! At the age of 90, William Shatner, best known for his famous role in Star Trek, went to space aboard Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin New Shepard rocket. He was only up there for 10 minutes (and it’s debatable whether it was really “space” or just the edge of space)—but doing that at his age broke so many paradigms about what’s possible. 

Ten years ago, Shatner turned down an offer from Virgin Galactic to go into space, due to his fear of flying. He eventually overcame his fear, then blasted into space with Bezos’ rocket.

In today’s episode BT and I discuss:


    • William Shatner’s trip to space, his emotional reaction to it, and my thoughts on space tourism as a business
    • How things that were once “science fiction” a few decades ago (like the flip phone) are now a real part of our everyday life
    • The drama around Shatner and some of his co-workers (like George Takei) on Star Trek
    • How the Pentagon admitted they have the footage of “unidentified aerial phenomenon” (a.k.a. UFOs) in San Diego and on the east coast
    • Humanity’s tendency to tell stories about aliens being hostile towards us (as if we assume other lifeforms won’t have advanced emotional maturity)
    • How strange it is that we haven’t gone back to the moon, because we apparently “lost” the information on how to get back
    • Why some intellectuals and scientists can’t enjoy science fiction, due to their need to be right
    • The billionaire rivalry between Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk and the race to get humanity into space


Going into space is an act of risking your life. It’s not something I personally have on my bucket list. But I find it very interesting how people are exploring and using their imagination to bring new things into the world.


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