The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 433 - Be Persistent

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 433 – Mindset Monday’s – Be Persistent

In order for us to create what we want in life, we need persistence. Most people don’t like hearing this, because it implies that things will go wrong. Failures will happen, and you’ll have to keep going anyway if you want to reach your desire. 

To get what you want, you need to be persistent and have more certainty (i.e., faith) in your higher self than in your weaker self to overcome any challenges. This is especially true in sales, where you’re dealing with other people’s fears and insecurities on a regular basis.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • How I used to struggle with sales, because I was believing the prospects’ excuses on why they couldn’t buy 
    • How I used persistence to have 100 sales conversations in seven days, and break through my internal barriers around closing the sale (once I did this, I never struggled with sales calls ever again)
    • How I realized I needed to “be bolder than the problem” (i.e., objection) that the prospect was facing
    • If you can see something in your mind, you can create it in your hand (like Edison did with the light bulb)
    • Like a tuning fork, you must “tune” in your thoughts and actions to align them with everything in the universe to bring what you want into your life


In God Works Through Faith, Robert A. Russell says persistency and faith are like fire under the boiler; together they generate the energy needed for success. Most people don’t hold onto their faith long enough to realize the fulfillment of their desire. Their persistence wavers—and because of this, the universe can’t give them what they want.

The law says if we want success, we must have faith and persistency.


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