The Successful Mind Podcast - Full Throttle Thursday - Should Thanksgiving Be Cancelled?!?

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 435 – Full Throttle Thursday – Should Thanksgiving Be Cancelled?!?

As human beings, we’ve evolved quite a bit from the first Thanksgiving in 1621, to the one we’re celebrating now in 2021. We’ve evolved in consciousness and awareness.

Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to be about gratitude and giving thanks…and I find it deplorable that people want to rip it apart because of what they perceive happened hundreds of years ago.

As a race overall, we basically came out of caves, practically animals. Humanity is advancing, learning through trial and error. As we evolve, we develop a hierarchy of values and ethics, which isn’t something other life forms do. I think it’s a big mistake not to look back at our former human relatives and cut them some slack, based on the level of consciousness they were at. We can’t condemn humanity for lacking consciousness in the past. 

We shouldn’t look back on our history in anger or judgment; we should see it with awareness—as an opportunity to learn and grow from it.

Today BT and I discuss:


    • What Thanksgiving means to us individually
    • How humans have evolved in consciousness over time
    • Why so many people are uncomfortable around the homeless (and how I wasn’t at a young age)
    • How there’s freedom in not making your ancestry wrong


Happy Thanksgiving!


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