The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 472 - Be the Gatekeeper of Your Thoughts

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 472 – Mindset Monday’s – Be the Gatekeeper of Your Thoughts

How often have you started to take action on something to move your business forward—and then something else grabs your attention? Or you don’t feel like doing it? Or you say, “I’ll do it later”? Then you stop and go in a completely different direction, never giving yourself a chance to build momentum in the direction of success. 

That’s because you’re not taking control of your thoughts. Something else is. People don’t fail because they want to fail—they fail because they don’t see the pattern in themselves of switching their focus to something else, rather than sticking to the task in front of them.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • Great things are built over time, through consistency and repetition of doing the things that work
    • How our brain gets manipulated to seek “immediate satisfaction”—and why people quit because they don’t get results in five minute
    • “Lack of decision” is one of the major causes of failure
    • Procrastination is the opposite of decision—it’s a common enemy that everyone must conquer
    • The highest power in the world is willpower
    • Why you must consciously be on guard and be the gatekeeper of your own thought process 
    • How to make decisions based on by looking at whether something will move you forward


Using your consciousness in the correct way means choosing, “Where am I going to direct my thoughts and feelings?” You must be the overseer of your own thinking so that it’s not distracted based on how you feel.

Ask yourself, “Why am I thinking and making the decisions that I’m making?” Where are you going? Focus on what’s important to you and the vision you have for yourself, and stay in your lane.


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