The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 478 -Everything Is Preparing You for Something Greater

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 478 – Mindset Monday’s – Everything is Preparing You for Something Better

Any time you have a setback, challenge, or “WTF” moment, it provides an opportunity for good. Everything you’ve experienced in life is preparing you for something greater. You can look back on your own childhood, through the present day, and see how everything got you to this point.

The real gift in your experiences might not show up right away—it might come tomorrow, or 5-10 years from now. That’s why you should be flexible and not take anything personally. When you act as if something is happening “to” you, you start to victimize and get indignant. But that doesn’t prepare you for the next challenge. How you meet current challenges will determine how prepared you are for future challenges.

In this episode you’ll learn:


    • Why I don’t necessarily think “God tests people” or that we have to be prepared to pass the test
    • The modus operandi of the universe is “more life”—which means everything you experience makes you stronger, so that you can sustain more life and ADD to life
    • There’s either growth or death—there’s no in between
    • How having an unstable mother and family life as a kid allowed me to adapt to instability very easily (which is great for business, where you have to stay calm under pressure)
    • How moving 21 times as a kid taught me many different things that prepared me for when I went into the armed services…which later helped me save my own life when I went through the dam
    • Why we should look at everything from a “God’s eye view” rather than a bug’s eye view


Plus, I share a crazy story about the most disturbing email I’ve ever received—in which someone attempted to extort money from me and my company. This experience taught me how to stand up in the face of fear, and how to handle it when someone is threatening to bring down everything you’ve worked for for 15-20 years. As it turns out, being embezzled out of $5 million (in the past) helped me navigate through that experience.


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