The Successful Mind Podcast - Full Throttle Thursday - Here's The Thing About Luck...

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 483 – Full Throttle Thursday – Here’s The Thing About Luck…

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re diving into the topic of “luck.”  What makes some people have good fortune or bad fortune? Is there a scientific process behind it, or is it all just pure superstition?

Many years ago, I was sucked through the dam on the Illinois River. People told me I was “lucky” to survive. But I don’t believe it was luck. It was the cause and effect of certain events happening on the river.

We have an insatiable need to give meaning to everything. We’ll even look for meaning where it doesn’t exist. Our mind is constantly looking for patterns, recognizing what’s happening around us. Our brain is always putting things together, based on whether we want to repeat or avoid certain experiences.

In today’s episode BT and I discuss:


    • Why so many extremely successful people say that “luck” contributed to their success
    • Why I believe luck is the result of your BELIEF—i.e., you either believe you have good fortune, or you believe you have bad fortune
    • Why working class, broke people often spend their welfare checks on slot machines, while holding “lucky” monkeys, rabbit’s feet, and chains
    • How casinos in Vegas use a “cooler” to disrupt you if you’re winning—because they understand that your vibrational pattern affects what’s happening
    • How I win at roulette, because I’m not emotionally attached to the money, and I recognize the patterns they use to try to throw you off (like switching the dealer when you’re winning)
    • How our mind operates on frequencies—and our belief controls the vibration at which we’re thinking and being
    • How Michael Jordan wore his “lucky” North Carolina Tar heels practice shorts under his Bulls shorts and went back to his “lucky” number 23 after retiring


Plus, I share the story of how my daughter, Erin, became “really lucky” starting when she was a child—with a 10-year streak of winning incredible amounts of money.

If you focus on good fortune, you’ll get more of it, because of the vibration you’re sending out. If you’re constantly saying “I’m unlucky,” that’s the energy you’re putting out there.


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