The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 487 - You Can Move Mountains

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 487 – Mindset Monday’s – You Can Move Mountains

I’m glad we all get to experience the chaos that’s happening in the world today, because it’s such a great teaching point for keeping your head straight and staying focused.

Napoleon Bonaparte was known for his intense ability to focus. He broke through so many things that nobody thought was even possible. From his life, we can learn that, “If you focus past a problem, it must give way.” Problems are mountains that can be removed from your life if you have faith as small as a mustard seed. 

In today’s episode I’m teaching on the various components of focus (including trust)—and diving into Neville Goddard book, At Your Command.

You’ll learn:


    • We all have an incredible power to choose, which also means we can choose what we focus on
    • Why we must have faith in the unseen—because without faith, it’s impossible to realize anything
    • Our desires are “a promise” from God—and we shouldn’t be worried or concerned about HOW our desires will happen
    • Even the best marketers don’t know who will buy from them (or how those people will find them), but they’re doing their best to put out their marketing content into the world to reach people (through faith)
    • “Man distorts the gifts of God through his lack of faith”


Through our use of faith, we can create a new heaven on earth. But to do this, we need to focus and not get distracted.


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