The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 490 - Successful Sales Strategies Part I - Skillset & Mindset Exercise

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 490 – Successful Sales Strategies Part I – Skillset & Mindset Exercise

You can’t become successful if you’re doing the wrong strategy.

In today’s episode I’m teaching on 2 things you must be brutally honest with yourself about if you’re in business: 


#1 – The thing you need to do (strategy).

#2 – The mindset part (getting yourself to do it).


You choose your strategy based on the goals you’ve set. Examples of a strategy include marketing, advertising, team building, making sales calls, lead generation, a sales strategy, a sales funnel, or even firing someone.

You either need to do something, get better at it, get great at it, or do more of it. What is that thing?—the actual tactical strategy? What do you need to do in order to hit your goal? It’s all cause and effect.

Mindset is about getting yourself to do the thing. It doesn’t matter what it is—if you can’t get yourself to do it (and do it consistently), then you’ve got a problem.

This is where you say:


    • “I can’t get myself to pick up the phone.”
    • “I can’t get myself to sit down and write the marketing copy.”
    • “I can’t get myself to fire the person.”
    • “I can’t get myself to draw a boundary in this relationship.”


Where are you having difficulties right now?

Plus, I give you a simple exercise to identify these two things—strategy and mindset—so you can prioritize what’s most important, and change whatever is blocking you from reaching your goal. This will help you do more of what’s working and less of what’s not working, while speeding up your ability to hit your goal faster.


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