The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 496 - Insider Secrets for Creating Consistent Cashflow - Part I

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 496 – Insider Secrets for Creating Consistent Cashflow – Part I

All of us have extraordinary potential inside of us that we can use at a moment’s notice. To earn more income and create consistent cashflow, the #1 insider secret is to put yourself into an environment where success is actually possible. 

When everything in your current environment is telling you that you can’t do something—you must put yourself in the environment of someone who’s successfully done what you want to do. Hire a mentor who has the results you want, because that person can challenge you to reevaluate your belief system. They can challenge you to replace your belief with something that’s true. 

Most people believe it takes a long time and a lot of hard work to make 6 figures a month. When I worked with my mentor, Bob Proctor, he allowed me to reevaluate my belief system, one belief at a time. As I did this, my results changed accordingly. I went from making $20K a year to $60k—and soon after that, I took my business over a million.

In this episode you’ll learn:


    • Belief is absolutely essential for the success you want to have
    • Our belief is based on our evaluation of something
    • Many people don’t break through to the next level, because they only evaluate their results—not their belief system
    • A belief you haven’t evaluated is controlling how you think, feel, and act (we call that a “paradigm”)
    • When we reevaluate our belief, we can change it—which then changes our results
    • Nothing will change in your life without you making a decision to do something different and making the commitment to stick to that decision
    • Why we need to put ourselves into the environment of someone who can show us it’s possible for big income to happen fast


Earl Nightingale said attitude is the magic word—meaning that when you change your attitude, you change your outlook on what you see in life.


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