The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 505 - How I Can vs. Why I Can't

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 505 – Mindset Monday’s – How I Can vs. Why I Can’t

When people attend a seminar, 85% or more of them walk away and do nothing with the information they learned. This has to do with their attitude and outlook on life.

People who go to seminars tend to fall into one of three mindsets:

1) “This is fricking amazing. I love this. How can I do this?”

2) “That’s interesting. It’d be cool if it was true, but I doubt whether it’s valid or if I can actually do it myself.”

3) “This is total BS.”

Let’s take out the middle person and look at the two extremes—someone who says, “Holy crap, this is amazing; I want to do this.” And someone who thinks it’s total BS. One person will be able to take the information and create an extraordinary increase in income; and the other won’t. It boils down to the attitude of that individual.

In this episode you’ll learn:


    • You either see the world and find reasons why you CAN do something; or you find reasons why you CAN’T do something 
    • Why some people immediately look for “why it won’t work”
    • How your desire controls your attitude and how you see the world
    • Why avoiding mistakes is parallel to the attitude of “why I can’t” 
    • Nothing is dormant in your subconscious mind; you’re either feeding it or you’re starving it


As individuals, we need to comb through our own mindset and look for toxic attitudes and get them out.

Someone with a frugal mindset won’t spend money on anything they don’t “need ,” period. This person will go their entire life without having many experiences outside of whatever their belief system is.


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