The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 509 - Work the Plan

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 509 – Work the Plan

Most of our lives are spent in a constant state of fear, pain, or avoidance. We find what’s comfortable and we stay there…until we can’t anymore. The job becomes toxic. The stress becomes unbearable. And suddenly we need to make a huge change—or else live the rest of our lives in a state of lack.

There’s only one way to manage the fear—and that is to “work the plan.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:


    • Your success or failure in life depends on how well you can manage your fear 
    • How proactively “working the plan” eliminates fear
    • How people create problems by not communicating
    • How the emotional pendulum is constantly swaying—from excitement to fear, hope to doubt (and it’s all taking place in your head)
    • Your subconscious mind can fight you on anything, except a different result


Plus, I share stories of two of my clients who were tested by massive personal challenges. They could either learn to manage their fear or risk bankruptcy. My team and I could only help them so much. Their successes relied solely on their desire to succeed and work the plan. Notice the similarities between the two stories; how these two strangers allowed fear to affect them and how working the plan was the only thing left they could do.


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