The Successful Mind Podcast - Full Throttle Thursday - Sixty - The Rolling Stones

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 516 – Full Throttle Thursday – Sixty: The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones have just set out on their 60th anniversary tour in Europe. Having formed their band in 1962, they’re still going strong today. This shows their unbelievable work ethic, dedication to what they do, and commitment to putting on a good show. It’s amazing how they’ve been able to achieve longevity and sustained greatness over the many decades they’ve been together.

In this episode, BT and I discuss:


    • How the Rolling Stones have stayed true to their vision, because they really haven’t changed much over the years—they’ve played mostly the same type of music, while elevating their craft each and every time out
    • How Mick still runs around like he was doing in his 20s, bringing the same high-octane energy to every performance even in his 70s
    • Why I think maturity has helped the band stay together for so long
    • How music has an amazing ability to transport you to another time and place
    • The importance of loving what you do, loving yourself, and accepting yourself completely if you want longevity
    • What it takes to do amazing things, and the necessity of loving what you do, well into your 70s and beyond


It’s obvious the Rolling Stones love what they do. For them, it’s not about the money. They’ve been on the road for 60 years and simply won’t quit. People constantly ask them, “Why are you still doing it?” As long as they can do it, why would they ever stop?


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