Lessons on Leadership - Part I - Scaling: The Key to Scaling Your Business

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 529 – Lessons on Leadership – Part I – Scaling: The Key to Scaling Your Business

One of the most common things we hear growing up is, “Why should I hire someone to do it, if I can do it myself for free?” But as entrepreneurs, the only way we can grow is if we receive support and hire help.

Business owners only have so much time in a day. There are only so many tasks you can manage, and only so many people you can talk to. So if you want to grow and scale your business, you must delegate and allow yourself to receive support. The problem is, we’re raised with the idea that we must be a “self-made” person and do everything ourselves. This idea comes from the working class mindset. 

In this episode, Steph Tuss and I discuss:


    • Why people have difficulty being supported in their business—and why so many are a “one-person show,”  doing everything themselves and wearing all the hats (and this prevents them from scaling and growing)
    • How some people get their value from doing everything themselves at the expense of their self-esteem (and how this boils down to a “core wound” issue that says, “I’m not enough”)
    • Why my decision to sell my John Deere tractor and never cut my own grass again led to “more life” for three different people (myself included)
    • How hiring help gives other people and yourself an opportunity for growth—because it’s all for more life
    • How there’s shame associated with asking for help
    • Steph’s experience with starting a nutrition business with the goal of replacing her teacher’s salary—and how she discovered she could increase her earning capacity if she took specific things off her plate


Plus, we share an exercise to uncover the excuses you have that are rooted in fear, that are causing you NOT to hire the help you need. Learn the importance of scaling your business today.


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