The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 544 - What Exactly is Leverage?

What Exactly is Leverage In Business? – Mindset Mondays – The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 544

Leverage is our ability to move big things with small levers, with a minimal amount of effort. The way we move ahead in the world is through leverage. Our smart phone is leverage. It gives us tons of information at our fingertips. A calculator is leverage. It lets us do math problems quickly and easily.

Yet, for some reason, we’re taught from a young age to “work hard” and make things more difficult. In math class, we’re told, “show your work” and “don’t use a calculator at school.” When we take this ideology into our business, we block ourselves from experiencing real growth and success.

In business, leverage is about “whom, not how.” If you want to grow, you must leverage the knowledge and expertise of other people who are further ahead of you. You can’t do everything yourself, and you don’t need to figure everything out yourself. It can take a lifetime to develop knowledge, a skill set, and expertise—and you can only learn so much on your own. Resisting hiring people can slow down your business growth.

In today’s episode, Steph and I discuss:


    • How relying on “hard work” only took me so far (I was taught, “In order to have success, you must work hard, suffer, and sacrifice”)
    • How one small adjustment in my thinking changed my whole life—and I went from NOT being able to pay my bills to tripling my income and having more than enough (because I leveraged my mentor’s expertise)
    • What leverage means[, and how people see it differently—e.g., leverage can mean one thing to a mechanical engineer, and something totally different to a business owner 
    • Steph’s experience with nursing a sick baby who had food allergies—and how the doctor was clueless and could only recommend surgery (this was the catalyst for Steph questioning authority and making major changes in her life)
    • How Steph leveraged the expertise of a massage therapist, lactation consultant, and Chinese herbalist—all of whom helped her baby’s symptoms stop overnight
    • How many of us grew up in an environment where it wasn’t OK to ask for help—in fact, it was humiliating


You can leverage tools, software, a new hire, a consultant, or even podcast equipment—to reach thousands of people and grow your business.


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