The Successful Mind Podcast - Inside Episode 381 - There is a Science to Getting Rich

The Successful Mind Podcast – Inside Episode 381 – There is a Science to Getting Rich

Today BT and I are going deeper into The Science of Getting Rich, as I share how I used Wallace Wattles’ principles in my own growth.

Making lots of money isn’t just about your skillset or understanding a few business techniques. Nor is it industry specific.

It’s about how you’re showing up as a human being, what you’re doing with the universal laws, and how you’re applying those laws to each thing you’re doing.

In this episode you’ll learn:


    • Raising your standard is a huge part of attracting riches to you
    • How I’ve raised my own standards in business in the past few decades
    • Why you need a systematic process of identifying what you’re tolerating—so that you can let it go and step into a higher version of yourself 
    • The lower working class ideology is about trading your life away on things you don’t even like doing
    • To become wealthy, you have to work on YOURSELF, so you can actually receive the amount of money you want (and not just dump it right back out someplace)
    • A simple exercise to help you identify and remove the things you’re tolerating in your life


Plus, I share a story about when I was a kid setting up a lemonade stand. I made $50 selling lemonade, and my mother made me shut it down. She thought I was making “too much money” and didn’t want me to think making money was “easy.”

Our parents’ stories about money can impact our mindset when we’re grown up. These beliefs then create “value conflicts” that cause riches to evade us.

But you have a choice on what to keep in your life—and that includes your beliefs about money.

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