Successful Mind Podcast- Episode 280. Discipline and the importance of raising your standard

Episode 280: Raising Your Standard: You Can Be Willing But Not Able – Part I

Welcome to The Successful Mind. Today, I’ll be covering with you the topic of Raising Your Standard: You Can Be Willing But Not Able. I’m going to break this down into two parts and will cover the first part of this episode.

The idea that I want to cover here with you is that we primarily are operating by a paradigm. A paradigm is basically a set of subconscious habits that cause us to think the same way, to experience emotional patterns and stories the same way and then to act or have a habitual way of acting throughout our life, which is primarily why people have the same results over and over again.

On today’s episode, you will learn:

— That discipline starts with a decision 

— About the 2 frequencies that you can operate on 

— AND which one you do not want to be on 

— How to tap into your spiritual DNA so you can create the life you want 

— And so much more … 

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